Deregulated Markets Save Ohio Electricity Consumers Billions.

Efforts to Reregulate Energy Markets Intensifying Putting Savings at Risk

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“Competitive markets have proven to be a powerful tool to deliver value to Ohio’s ratepayers. Efforts to undermine the efficiency of these markets…are a threat to Ohio’s economic development and wellbeing.”

Discover How Reregulation Threatens Ohio Consumers’ Electric Savings.

Cleveland State University / Ohio State University joint study proves that competition outperforms monopoly regulation.

"Attempts are heating up to derail competition, eliminate consumers’ rights to choose their energy supplier and undermine years of progress on the energy choice front.”
–Chuck Keiper, NOPEC Executive Director 

Subsidies for outdated generating facilities will cost Ohio consumers billions. 

Deregulated energy markets are being undermined by cross subsidies of uncompetitive Investor Owned Utility generation through costly riders and surcharges as well as legislatively-mandated, above market Power Purchase Agreements and subsidies.


See how utilities are chipping away at Ohio's energy savings


Deregulated Markets Save Ohio Electricity Consumers Billions.

  • Since 2011, deregulation has saved Ohio consumers $23.9 billion. 
  • The Study Team anticipates that savings will continue for the near term to be around $3 billion per year. However, these savings may be lost, in whole or in part, if deregulated energy markets continue to be undermined by cross subsidies.
  • Competition has driven down average electricity prices in deregulated Midwestern states while their regulated peers have seen a steady increase in price of generated electricity.

Click here for Executive Summary of Study Findings.

–The Ohio State University and Cleveland State University Research Study